We want to make your lives a bit more painless. Easy, right? Well, when it comes to crowds, it hasn’t been. We started B4UGO because although there’s a growing list of sites out there that let you check out a restaurant, a club, a hair stylist or a theme park before you go, none of them addressed the age-old problem of waiting in a line once you got there. That struck us as odd.

So we fixed it.

B4UGO is an intuitive, painless way to check out the lines and crowds before you go. (We got the name for a reason, after all.) Love that sandwich place downtown, but want to avoid the lunch rush? Check it out through our site or our mobile app, and make sure it’s not busting at the seams. Not sure when the best day would be to go to the museum? We’ll be able to help you. Just remember to log in your own wait time once you get there, and just a few clicks later, you’ll be helping the next person out as well. It’s crowdsourcing at its easiest, and it even helps businesses by letting them serve you when they’re not already packed. Everyone wins.

We're launching in the Mid-Peninsula to work up the service, then building out the platform as we add the rest of the Bay Area. We'll be in your city soon so that you too can... go when the going's good!

David Trollman

Robert Lerner

Richard Fuller

Rodney Carvalho
Senior Web Developer

Bob Chesley
Senior Mobile Developer