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What is B4UGO?

You want to do what you want when you want to do it, and we don’t want you to have to wait to do it. We at B4UGO are doing something about your waits: we’re aggregating reports of how long our users are waiting to get into popular destinations and advising them when to go when the going's good. We’re also inviting businesses to tell their customers when wait times usually start, when they stop, and how long the line is.

Who can use B4UGO?

Our service is free and open to all users. You can open an account or not, view wait time displays for all the popular destinations in your area, report on the wait you experienced, and post information on the wait times at your business (with a valid telephone number).

What does B4UGO cover?

We’re rolling out our full service with projected wait time curves in the San Francisco Bay Area's mid-Peninsula while we sort out our platform and tailor our services to your needs, but we're ready to display user reports from anywhere in the U.S. We’re gathering wait times for every place you have to wait – not only restaurants, but also retailers like grocery stores and discount outlets, attractions like museums and amusement parks, services like barbershops and car washes, and public offices like USPS and DMV. We’ll even do call centers like tech support and customer service. Wherever you have to wait is our meat, and we’ll be serving it up in your area before you know it.

Why should I open an account?

Anyone can view wait time displays, but to verify your wait time report we’ll need your email address, and logged-in account holders will already have their email address on file. And when we compute our average usage patterns, we’ll give greater weight to the input of an account holder who is a frequent, proven contributor. Finally, we plan soon to let you control who views your account information and collected comments, open our blog to you, and let you browse and at their option contact other users.

Can others contact me if I open an account?

Not yet, but we plan soon to implement username-based intra-site messaging to preserve your personal anonymity and to restrict browsable account information to that which you choose to make public. This is true for other users whom you may have befriended and for business operators you may have reviewed as well (they may wish to use your experience to improve their service or to make you right if you’re upset). If you wish to opt out of these features when they are implemented, you will be able to do so in your account settings.

How do you treat the wait times I report?

We take the wait times you report, validate them, then weight them and average them into the information we generate for the time, day, date, and circumstances. Our weighting algorithms take into consideration how many validated reports you have submitted previously. We’re principally concerned with when the line forms, how long the wait is, and when the line goes away each day, but we know there’s a weekly rhythm, too, and that the wait is different on holidays and can be affected by weather, school year, and nearby events like games and concerts.

What makes for a perfect report?

Use our mobile app on your smartphone to report your wait time. Add a tweet if you were made to wait outside on a cold day or if you were given a glass of wine and a seat in a nice waiting area. Inform and amuse but don’t insult or abuse.

As an operator, why should I open a business account?

You know that when you make your customers wait you lose some immediately and more down the road, so you try to accommodate the spikes by hiring more staff than you really need and adding surplus capacity. What you need is a way to tell them to come when you have the capacity to serve them – you’re not losing them, just smoothing out the spikes you can’t handle. We’ll encourage our users to go to your business when they don’t have to wait, and we’ll pass our usage pattern displays to you so that you can do the same. And we’ll bring you new customers who don’t know about your business but have learned that you’re good enough to be popular, like the café with the trucks in front. All for free.